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Please note that the shower head (or shower rose) is not included with this purchase.



Shower Timer

Studies have shown that approximately 30% of the total water used in the average Australian household goes down the bathroom drains. Most of this is from showers. The Shower Timer is an effective method to save water by restricting the time used in consuming water whilst taking a shower.

Restricted flow shower heads are designed for saving water and there have been numerous devices designed to time the shower. One water saving device provides a visual display for the user in the form of a timer fixed to the wall in the shower. Other water saving devices have incorporated an audible signal, some in conjunction with a visual indication of time elapsed. There are water saving devices available which shut off the water supply after a pre-determined time. However, the user can re-start the shower immediately and therefore, as a controller, even this device is severely limited. Indeed, none of these water saving devices provide effective control.

Shower Timer is a water saving device which not only indicates the remaining shower time visually and audibly and ultimately shuts off the water but also prevents an immediate follow on shower, thus saving water and heating cost.

The flow rate from showers varies from 8 litres per minute to as much as 35 litres per minute. A twelve minute shower using 12 litres per minute will use a total of 144 litres of water. The Shower Timer set to six minutes will achieve water savings of 72 litres per shower. In a home where five showers are taken per day, that is an annual water saving of over 130,000 litres and a potential heating saving of more than $1,000

Note: The shower head is not supplied. You can usually use your existing one with the shower timer or save more with a water saving shower head!


  • Complies with SAA IPX5.
  • ACA Approval ACA Approvla Tick N12616.
  • Patent number 785030

 Showertimer features

  • Low DC voltage safety (Approval No. Q99505)
  • Programmable by the owner from 0 to 12 minutes showering time
  • Visually informs the user of the amount of shower time remaining
  • Audible progress reports with increasing urgency as expiry time approaches
  • Waiting period to prevent “follow-on” shower. Programmable by the owner from 0 to 5 minutes
  • Hot water supply must be mains pressure, or equal to the cold water pressure

Warranty: Showertimer carries a guarantee against defects in materials or workmanship for a period of twelve months from the date of purchase (90 days for commercial or industrial installations).

Economy Model

Suitable where the user is easily identified and therefore vandalism is unlikely. Private homes, hotel/motels, on site cabins at camping parks. Provides shower control for teenagers, overseas students, inconsiderate guests, rain water conservation.

  • Operation is identical to the standard unit
  • Less expensive than the heavy duty unit
  • White polycarbonate box
  • Glass reinforced nylon solenoid valve

Note: Where it is possible to access both the hot and cold water pipes, we recommend our Standard unit for both Domestic and Commercial use.

You will need a power pack and solenoid valve. 

Heavy Duty Model

Particularly suitable for use in the common shower block at caravan parks, hostels, boarding schools and any public showers where rough treatment is a possibility.

  • Operation is identical to the standard unit
  • Vandal resistant
  • Strong polycarbonate box
  • Brass solenoid valve

Note: Where it is possible to access the hot and cold water pipes, we recommend our Standard unit for both Domestic and Commercial use.


PIN / Wireless Model

  • Allows you to set a different shower time for each user (max 10 PINs). A 5 digit PIN number activates the shower for the time duration allocated to that user.
  • Only one shower is allowed in a 24 hour period for each PIN number, unless you activate a special one.
  • One minute before the time expires, the hot water is cut off for one second giving the user adequate warning before the shower cut off.
  • Wireless (radio) connection for easy installation.

Standard Model

  • The shower is terminated after a pre-determined time and that is followed by a “discouraging” waiting period during which the shower will not operate.
  • The shower and waiting time are pre programmed by the owner from 0-12 mins.
  • The unit is located within the shower area at around eye level for audible and visual efficiency.
  • There is a visual display which counts down the minutes and seconds remaining.
  • The visual display is supported by an audible beeper.
  • Extra low voltage power is supplied by a safety approved power pack.

Battery Powered Model

Note: Not recommended for use where rough treatment or vandalism is likely.

How it Works

  • Power is supplied by a battery of six AA cells (not included). Good quality alkaline batteries are recommended, and will typically last 12 months without replacement.
  • The shower is terminated after the chosen time and that is followed by a “discouraging” waiting period.
  • Shower times are chosen at installation, and range from 1 to 15 minutes, in 1 minute intervals
  • Waiting times range from 0 to 30 minutes (actual settings range: 0 secs (off), 15 secs, 30 secs, 1 min, 2 min, 5 min, 10 min, 30 min)

Shower and waiting times are chosen by the owner and also the beeper can be disabled, using mini switches mounted on the electronic circuit board inside the control box. These settings cannot be changed except by removing the shower and the box from the wall. The box can be secured to the wall with the screw provided and a plastic seal must be broken to remove that screw.

Similar to the other retrofit models but there is no need to run a power lead in through the wall because the battery is contained in the box.

Push the Start button and the shower will start under the control of hot and cold taps. The progress or Status is indicated by a “traffic” light emitting diode (LED). Every 10 seconds, it flashes green but changes to amber when one minute remains and then red for each of the final 10 seconds. The LED is supported by an optional beeper which will sound twice as a 2 minute warning, once at 1 minute, at 10 seconds and each of the last 5 seconds. The “Finish” light will also flash red for the final 5 seconds.

After the shower is terminated, the blue “Wait” light will flash every 10 seconds until waiting time is complete.

The “Battery low” light will flash red when it is time to replace the battery. Soon after that, the solenoid valve will open permanently allowing normal, unrestricted showers and the “Battery low” light will continue to flash intermittently.

Note: The shower head and batteries are not supplied. You can usually use your existing shower head with the shower timer or save more water by replacing it with a water saving shower head!


Progress Monitoring

Visual progress monitoring is provided by displaying the remaining time in minutes and seconds. This is supported by audible signals from an electronic buzzer. The audible signals indicate increasing urgency until the timer ultimately shuts off the water supply to the shower. The waiting time period then commences and is reported by the visual display. The visual and audible signals are similar to that used in a microwave oven.


Pressing the button momentarily begins the shower time sequence, confirmed by a beep from the buzzer. Hot and cold water taps still control the temperature and water flow. The visual display indicates the remaining shower time in minutes. At each minute change, the buzzer beeps once. From 99 seconds, the display indicates remaining seconds. At each of 30, 20, 10, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 seconds remaining, the buzzer beeps once. The water is then cut off and the flashing visual display indicates the remaining Waiting time. Pressing the button at any time during the shower or Waiting sequence has no effect.


Both shower time and waiting time are selected and set by the owner from a number of pre-programmed time options. Shower time can be selected in whole minutes up to 12 minutes and the Waiting time between showers can be chosen from 0, 15, 30, 60, 120 or 300 seconds. The settings cannot be changed except by first removing the power source. Power failure will not change the settings. In the normal condition the settings can be seen at a glance because the visual display indicates the two settings alternately for three seconds each. The Shower time setting is displayed as a steady glow and the Waiting time flashes.


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Questions and Answers

1. Is the timer suitable for gravity feed hot water?

Showertimer is not recommended for use with unequal hot and cold water pressure. The taps can be left turned on which may allow the high pressure water to feed back into the low pressure line causing problems. Gravity fed hot water is only suitable if the cold water is also gravity fed.

In the event of a commercial power failure, do I need to re-set the shower and waiting times when the power is restored?

No! The settings that you select will hold permanently regardless of how long the power is off.

2. How much electricity does the shower timer consume?

It consumes less than 10 Watts. 50 showers of 6 minutes each cost less than one cent in total. When not in use, it consumes less than 2 Watts which is less than a microwave oven on standby. That costs about 6 cents per week, for which it provides an adequate bathroom light.

3. The wall outlet is female

Possible solution: If it is ¾” BSP (25mm diameter thread), fit a brass ¾” x ½” BSP male/male adaptor. If it is ½” BSP (20 mm diameter thread), we can supply a “special order” solenoid valve to suit. An Australian type of shower arm/rose will be necessary.

4. The display does not light up when power connected

Probable cause: Check that the power is connected and that the polarity is not reversed. The centre of the power plug should be 12 Volts +ve in relation to the sleeve.
Solution: Remove the plug from its 2 pin socket on the cord, reverse it and connect again.

5. Poor water flow from the shower

Probable cause: The filter in the solenoid valve may be clogged.
Solution: Remove the shower and test water flow. If it is still poor, remove the timer box. Unscrew the solenoid valve and inspect the mesh filter inside the input. Try backflushing the valve with water to clean out the blockage. No power connection is necessary. If that fails, pull out the filter with a fine wire hook. Clean and refit it. Investigate the source of the impurities.

6. Water drips out of the bottom of the timer box

Probable cause: The solenoid valve has not been installed properly.
Solution: Urgently remove the shower timer and the solenoid valve, re-install and test in accordance with the installation instructions. Damage to the electronic components is not covered by warranty under these circumstances.

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